In the brave new world we are entering, e-commerce will be the way people shop.

Now is the time to start your own online store.

We can:

  • Create a fully-integrated online store for you within a very short time-frame
  • Have the store be fully automated, with automatic invoice generation, warehouse integration, and courier delivery

We will need to adapt in order to survive and, ultimately, thrive. If you are a retailer, or just have a few products that you don't know how to sell, an online sales platform is the answer. Sales are moving online at an astonishing rate and will continue to do so, especially in the way the world is changing due to the Coronavirus. Read this article about 7 Predictions for a Post-Coronavirus World.

But developing an online site can be a lengthy and challenging process if you are not familiar with the aspects of this sales channel, and you can very easily make a mistake which could damage your brand perception or cost your company its reputation.

This is where we can help. We can:

  • Set up a fully integrated e-commerce site for your business in a surprisingly short time
  • Link your existing products line to automatic fulfillment from a fully automated warehouse with seamless cloud integration
  • Create a fulfillment chain whereby each order will automatically go through to your accounting system, creating an invoice, and be forwarded to the warehouse where it will be picked and packed within 8 minutes and sent out with a courier service

Our integration modules include:

  • E-commerce site construction
  • Integration between site, warehouse and accounting systems
  • Logistics
  • Data and reporting
  • Knowledge share
  • Maintenance

Contact us now for a quote and make your products available online within days.

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A fully integrated e-commerce online store

We can create a Shopify storefront that makes your products available to the world within days. Shopify isn't easy to use, and it takes time to learn the interface, but with our team's resources and years of experience in e-commerce, we can streamline the process of setting a store up for you.

Fully automated fulfillment

When a customer places an order on your store, that order will automatically and instantly sent to the warehouse where it will be picked and packed within 8 minutes and outbound, ready for courier pickup. Their sophisticated API and seamless integration offers real-time packing and shipment tracking, stock, stock inventory management, and manual fulfilment.

Automatic integration with Sage

We can link your store to SageOne or Pastel Partner to automatically create an invoice in the system with every single order. No more manual invoicing!

Advanced online store design

We will create a beautiful online store design for you, based on an advanced, but easy to use, design theme.

Exceptionally affordable courier service

Three courier operators will bid for the delivery, which inevitably results in cheaper delivery costs for you or your clients.


We can maintain your site on an ongoing basis. This can be done on a retainer, with any additional development charged per hour.

Knowledge share

We will create a step-by-step document to make it easy for you to manage the products on the site.

Rotating 3D imagery of products

We can even create rotatable 3D images to showcase your product to customers from all angles.

Customisation of packaging material

Want to impress your customers even more? Have branded tape to wrap your products in.

Animated product imagery

Our team of animators can produce animated imagery to make your products look more enticing to your clients.


Basic Domain Setup

  • Setup of payment providers
  • Checkout settings, including customized checkout
  • Setup contacts, order options, order processing, email marketing, abandoned checkouts
  • Setup shipping methods, rates and options taxes, location
  • Setup notifications, including order confirmation customization, etc.
  • Setup sales channels, plan, permissions, accounts, etc.
  • Setup the legal documentation of the store
  • Product bulk upload and testing
  • Product description fine-tuning
  • Product imagery upload (for upload-ready images)
  • Product imagery preparation
  • Product tagging, type, etc. Inventory setup
  • Setup of collections
  • Setup of marketing campaigns – Facebook, Google smart shopping
  • Setup of marketing automations, including abandoned checkout emails and Google Ads
  • Setup of discounts
  • Upload and configuration of suggested apps
  • Optional product animations and product 3D images

Store Theme Customization

  • Setup of theme
  • Setup of the header, including logo, menu, cart icon, search
  • Setup of store colour pallet, typography
  • Setup of product page grid design
  • Setup of the shopping cart
  • Setup of currency, newsletter, popups, social media, favicon and checkout page
  • Setup of mega menus
  • Setup of the home page
  • Setup of footer


  • Store – warehouse integration setup
  • Store – accounting system integration
  • Store – Mailchimp Integration

Knowledge Share

  • Setup of customized knowledge share document


  • Maintenance excluding development and changes to the store
  • Development or changes of store
  • Ecommerce has entered a period of remarkable acceleration, where consumer behaviour and the technology that supports buying online has changed forever.
  • Brick and mortar companies that have already invested in an online sales framework are in the best position for digital transformation.
  • COVID-19 has activated change drivers that will reshape the marketplace.
  • Ecommerce businesses that focus on social connection and seamless user experience will build long-term assets that drive engagement and sales for years to come.

About HPH Consulting

HPH Consulting is a subsidiary of HPH Publishing. With the knowledge we gained from developing the highly successful HPH Publishing online store, which has generated more than 8000 orders in three years, we can flatten the learning curve for you. We have gone through the process of learning how to set up a store, so that you don't have to.

About HPH Publishing

HPH Publishing is one of the leading wildlife and environmental publishing companies in South Africa. Having been in business for 17 years, they are arguably the leaders in private publishing company online selling, having specialized in online sales for the last three years.

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